IL-5 Race Goes National

The race for Rahm Emanuel’s open seat is starting to get national attention just five days before election day.

It’s taken a few days, but Charlie Wheelan’s Dark Knight political short is gaining headway with the creative professionals community and national marketing insider trade magazine, AdAgeTimeOut Chicago mentioned it.  But the video has been viewed just over 4,000 times on YouTube – hardly viral.  Can Wheelan do better?

Photo Credit: Liz Bernunzio

Photo Credit: Liz Bernunzio

Meanwhile, Tom Geoghegan continues to score big outside the district.  He received public support from Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, Slate’s Mickey Kraus and a blog post from U.S. News and World Report.  Had this race been run over a normal period, Geoghegan might have seen some of this national popularity manifest into greater contribution levels.  As it is, peering at his last few 48-hour file contributions, most of his contributors are out of state (ActBlue, where most Geoghegan supporters are giving, doesn’t report individuals.  Those records will be made public by the candidate at a later date).

And, Geoghegan wrote an article featured in the nation’s most-read political blog, the Huffington Post.

Glaringly absent from national media coverage was much of a focus on the actual favorites – Sara Feigenholtz, John Fritchey and Mike Quigley.  To me, that says a few things.  First, Wheelan and Geoghegan have done a lot to either take risks or be so different from the rest of the field, that they’re candidacy has become a story.  And second, the national media just doesn’t get Chicago politics, its personalities, supporters and political organizations that will help determine the winner.  I think the answer is a little of both.

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